Happy Birthday, Cornell University!

If you didn't already know it, the wonderful school we go to has turned 150 this year. Happy sesquicentennial, Cornell, and here is to many more years of spreading community and education!


The Duo.

DD Hiatus Updates | Tia

TIA HERE with the deets on what's been going on since DD's hiatus, at least on my end. (Follow our social media for immediate updates!)

Since March, I have been up to my eyes in work—from exams (disguised as "quizzes" on the syllabus, but certainly far too formal to actually be considered thus) to papers, to piles and piles of club work, to a semester-long, virtual internship with an ebook publishing company. While I'm happy to say that my grades have been pulling through nicely, I'm even more happy to announce that I have finally, with certainty, secured two internships for this summer.