5 Netflix Shows You Should Be Binge-Watching Right Now

TIA HERE and now that it's finally summer, it's time to get working, sleeping, and, most importantly, binge-watching Netflix. Here are five shows that you must start watching on Netflix (with plenty of opinions):

1. Orange is the New Black (Season 3)

The most obvious, of course, is Orange is the New Black, season three. It just came out on June 11, so it's still pretty fresh for those who didn't devour it on the first weekend (as I am currently doing, writing this on the 13th). We're back following the story of Piper Chapman (who is trash this season, more than usual) and the backstories of many other interesting characters that are inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary. This show never fails to tug at heartstrings, while simultaneously bringing the laughs, so I recommend it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. While the third season isn't super life changing in the context of the whole series, it's not bad and I was really feeling Soso's vibe this season (that half-Asian thing, you know).

Lunch in East Village & Free Friday @ MoMA | A Day with the Duo

VICTORIA HERE to take you on another adventure with me around NYC! This time with TIA as I tagged along to get lunch and later hit up the Museum of Modern Art with her and her friend who is also interning in the city. We met up in East Village for lunch and ended up going for sliders at Mark Burger.

MARK BURGER | 33 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003
Mark Burger is a dimly lit restaurant that serves up a specialized menu featuring exclusively mini burgers (a.k.a sliders) along with fries and an insane assortment of shakes.
The best thing about this place is that the sliders are surprisingly cheap and they blast all of those hiphop hits you loved in middle school! You can get a regular slider for just $2.50 or go my route and get the double bacon slider for $5.50. No matter what you choose, these little cuties are actually pretty filling and I couldn't take anymore after just one slider, cheese fries, and a mocha shake, of course.

After lunch, we had time to kill until Free Friday at MoMA started at 4PM. We resolved to walk back to our dorm in Chelsea but after losing track of our route multiple times decided to just chill in Washington Square Park until it was time to head to the museum.

Here are some random snaps from the day:
Entrance to MoMA | 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019
Since we probably walked around for an hour and a half lost around West Village, we were kinda beat once we got to MoMA. Heads up for people planning to taking advantage of Uniqlo's Free Friday Nights: I suggest getting there around 5:30-6PM unless you want to wait in a line that wraps around the block! 

UNIQLO FREE FRIDAYS | MoMA is free to all every Friday from 4-8PM
We ended up only exploring about two floors of the museum. Tia's phone was dying and we lost track of her friend and I was super tired - it just wasn't looking good. But I definitely enjoyed checking out the Andy Warhol pieces and all of the people crowded around each one taking photos that they will probably never look at again!

I already had seen the music exhibit the last time I was there, but I also particularly liked it the second time around. It was so cool to see vintage record players and, particularly, the ones I was obsessed with in high school on display. To think about how differently people in the past enjoyed their favorite albums is pretty interesting. I just have to consult Youtube, but music was a lot more concrete and physical in those days and probably not as easily accessible...

After roaming around a bit, we came upon this window overlooking the garden with a great view of that typical NYC architecture. We got a few tourist-y shots in front of it and headed down to the garden before we ventured back home. 

Until next time,


FIT Dorms Room Tour | Kaufman Hall

TIA HERE with a post for anyone looking to live in NYC briefly (like for the summer). There are a lot of different options with a lot of different prices, but I thought I would just talk about the living situation I'm currently in and post some pictures.

So for those of you who don't know, I'm staying at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) dorms, specifically Kaufman Hall. I'm in a double with Victoria, which includes a kitchenette and private bathroom, with two beds in a studio-style room. Without further ado, here are the pictures of what it looks like:

Admiring NYC's First "Flying" Tiger | A Day With Janabeth

nothing is more Danish than candles, right?

TIA HERE and excited to announce that I've finally gone to the (first ever?!) American Tiger store with my DIS abroad friend, Janabeth! (Okay... I've actually already been there twice, but it's because I freaking love that store.) For those who don't know, Tiger is a Danish store that has been spreading across Europe — and now the U.S. — and is nothing short of totally awesome. It offers cheap, cute, unique home goods items, and has wonderful original designs. In Denmark it is known as Tiger, but here in the U.S. (NYC specifically), it is Flying Tiger Copenhagen. That said, I'm just going to be calling it Tiger, because there is no need for this already amazing store to have wings too.