5 Netflix Shows You Should Be Binge-Watching Right Now

TIA HERE and now that it's finally summer, it's time to get working, sleeping, and, most importantly, binge-watching Netflix. Here are five shows that you must start watching on Netflix (with plenty of opinions):

1. Orange is the New Black (Season 3)

The most obvious, of course, is Orange is the New Black, season three. It just came out on June 11, so it's still pretty fresh for those who didn't devour it on the first weekend (as I am currently doing, writing this on the 13th). We're back following the story of Piper Chapman (who is trash this season, more than usual) and the backstories of many other interesting characters that are inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary. This show never fails to tug at heartstrings, while simultaneously bringing the laughs, so I recommend it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. While the third season isn't super life changing in the context of the whole series, it's not bad and I was really feeling Soso's vibe this season (that half-Asian thing, you know).

2. Sense8

This show is kind of terrible, but it's a fun kind of terrible. Which is not all that surprising since it comes from the Wachowskis, who made Jupiter Ascending and The Matrix. (Okay, people will probably defend The Matrix.) The Netflix Original (like OITNB above) follows eight people from around the world who have their minds linked one day and are suddenly able to "visit" one another and access each other's skills, languages, and knowledge. An awesome idea but super poorly paced, as it drags for the first eight episodes and then finally gets good for the latter third. If you stick with it (which you probably will, because the characters are interesting enough that even when the plot is stuck, they keep things interesting), it'll reward you.

3. Bill Nye

What is there even to say about this? Apparently it's been on Netflix since May, but hey! It's only been a month so I can still announce it like it's fresh news. Maybe it is for you? Either way, if you loved this classic as a kid, I'm sure you'll love it now, too. You'll probably even learn something you should've learned last time you watched it! So, basically, what I'm saying is that it's worth your while, and who doesn't love seeing a Cornell alum shine (we will hold onto this forever and you cannot stop us).

4. Daredevil

this actually looks a lot like the Bill Nye picture

Time to be clear. I haven't watched this. BUT I have seen many people with solid taste in TV shows obsessing over this Netflix Original (well, Marvel original really) so I thought I should include it. It's still relatively new and will help to sustain all you super hero fans until the next big film comes out... which, judging by Marvel's lengthy list of plans, will be sooner rather than later. Also DC is probably doing things? I don't know. Super Girl is coming to TV. Look, I can be sort of relevant sometimes!

5. The X-Files

Did you know they're rebooting this? You better clear your schedule and get to watching the original series, which is now all over Netflix. Don't wait, sci-fi fans. This one is a classic, and I know it's what I'll be watching this summer.

So that's my list. Maybe I wasn't the most convincing of list-makers, but hey, honesty over BuzzFeed, right? Okay, enough sass. These shows are worth checking out, and even if I criticize here and there, I do it all because I think they are worth the time. Here's the real question: What do you think I missed?
Much love,