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Hey there and welcome to Duo Diaries!

I'm one half of the production, editor of all of the videos, maker of most of the graphics, and writer of many an article. I assist in the design and code, but mostly I work on keeping us organized and posting regularly! Perfectionism is the name, but efficiency is the game. My actual name is Tia and I'm a junior at Cornell University, majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minors in Communication and Film. I've been doing internships and working jobs every summer since high school and that has brought me to many exciting cities (Los Angeles and New York City, to name a few). I hope you future NYC interns can learn something from my posts about my experiences in the city.

I will also be going to Copenhagen, Denmark, for my fall semester through DIS for study abroad! When that comes around, I'll be dragging all of you along with me to Denmark and will share everything I learn. In the past, I have traveled to many different countries in North America, Europe, and Asia (24 to be exact!), so I'll be offering the point-of-view of someone who has been traveling since they were a baby. (I also lived in Ireland for a bit, which is when I visited Denmark for the first time… That's how I knew I wanted to go back in college. It's a great place!)

I hope you guys will enjoy the posts, pictures, videos, and more that Victoria and I put together on this blog. I know I'm just thrilled to get started and I'm looking forward to learning something (and teaching you guys what I learn) along the way. If you're considering studying abroad in Denmark or interning in New York City, then my posts will definitely be for you! For more, check out Tia's new blog!

So much love and excitement,



안녕하세요! (Annyeonghaseyo!)

Hello! It looks like you have found your way to Duo Diaries, welcome! My name is Victoria and I am the blogging/graphics mastermind of the pair. I'm a junior at Cornell University, majoring in English with a concentration in Media Studies and minors in Communication and Asian studies. My interest in South Korea is approaching its third year now and I honestly can't believe it myself. I'm assuming many of our readers may also have interest in Korean culture as well as traveling to Korea, and I hope you find this documentation of my experience motivating and helpful!

It all started from this Super Junior music video that then branched into Korean dramas and now into the country becoming my reality for six months as I study in Seoul. Unlike Tia, I have never once left America in my life. Before attending Cornell, I had never even left California! This will definitely be a huge experience for me as I try to navigate a foreign country, adapt to my new surroundings, and learn more about not only another culture but also myself. I will be participating in an international summer school program at Hanyang University for one month, staying at a guesthouse in Hongdae for three weeks, and starting August I will be at Yonsei University for my fall semester. Follow me as I try my best to work hard and play harder!

I also feel I must mention, I'm a clothing addict and you can follow my fashion adventures on my fashion blog, and follow my articles on Korean street style on CollegeFashionista.

Until next time!



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