Avoid Crazy Phone Bills When Abroad | Guest Post

ALANNA HERE: If you are like me, you may have heard some pretty scary stories about students racking up extraordinary cell phone bills while studying abroad. Also like me, you may have vowed that this would never happen to you! This is why, prior to studying abroad in Denmark, I got a study abroad plan with AT&T.


Today one half of the Duo is a -teen no more! Let's all wish TIA a happy 20th birthday!


So You Wanna See Celebs in Korea?

VICTORIA HERE with an epic compilation of all of the famous people I saw while I was in Korea (yup, past tense! I am sadly back in the States now). Korea's entertainment industry is pretty expansive these days considering the amount of new idol groups being debuted every week, the rising popularity of Korean dramas, and the overall rise in acknowledgment towards the little peninsula across the world partly because of that damned Psy video. In this post, I list all of the events and places I have gone to ranging from music shows to film sets where I saw some of Korea's stars. I hope my little adventures help navigate you on your own journey in celeb-spotting! Remember that Korea has a lot more to offer beyond what I have done. If you are on a serious hunt for idols--visit their entertainment companies or strut around the streets of Gangnam. Korea is so small, you are bound to see someone!

Dear Denmark: Until Next Time

TIA HERE with a full heart. I have now been away from Copenhagen for a week, but some of this was written during my last few days in the city. It's my final love letter to Denmark, to the people I met, and to the experiences I had while abroad. I never knew a single journey could affect me so tremendously, but it has, and I am glad that four years ago I decided to undertake it, and last spring I made it happen.

10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in Denmark (Through DIS)

copenhagen city hall

TIA HERE with my second to last post on Denmark. If you're thinking of studying abroad (or not), or thinking specifically of studying abroad in Copenhagen (or not), or are even more specifically thinking of studying abroad with DIS in Copenhagen (or not), this post is for you. Here are all of the reasons why I think you should study abroad in Denmark (through the Danish Institute for Study Abroad):

5 Americans Try Danish Candy | Taste Test

TIA HERE with a different sort of video. I went to Netto (a common grocery store in Copenhagen) and bought one of almost every type of candy I came across, using my DIS stipend. Then, I wrangled a bunch of willing American participants from my LLC to try out all of the candies, rate them, and discuss. This is the result.

Tips for Future DIS Students

TIA HERE with a quick list of some tips that I think may help future DIS students prepare for arrival in Denmark! There's also some info for those who are thinking of applying but are not sure yet. Hope you make a decision that you are happy with in the end, after considering all of the factors.

DIS Room Tour

TIA HERE with a short visual tour of my living quarters for the past four months. When I first heard I was going to be in a triple, I imagined a cramped space with beds practically piled on top of one another. I could not have been more wrong! My triple with roommates Kayla and Robin was enormous with wood paneled floors and large, beautiful windows facing Vestergade. Being in the apartment above DIS offices gave us excellent wifi privileges and easy access to classes (a two minute walk, tops). I could not have gotten a better room in the entirety of DIS. Even my roommates and housemates were a perfect match!

Optional Study Tour | Literary (Cultural) London

TIA HERE with one of my favorite travel videos I've done so far! This time I went to London, England, for a class trip that involved checking out all of the most interesting cultural spots and touristy areas in the city through an academic lens. Check out the video if you want to see the National Portrait Gallery, the London Eye, the Globe Theatre, the Churchill War Rooms, high tea at the Dorchester Hotel, the Victoria and Albert Museum, platform 9¾, Daunt Books, and the East End. There are also some other fun sights thrown in there, from Buckingham Palace to the London Millennium Footbridge and much, much more. Because you can see most of the trip in the video (happy viewing!), I'm going to use this post to talk more about the class for future DIS students interested in taking it.