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VICTORIA HERE with an epic compilation of all of the famous people I saw while I was in Korea (yup, past tense! I am sadly back in the States now). Korea's entertainment industry is pretty expansive these days considering the amount of new idol groups being debuted every week, the rising popularity of Korean dramas, and the overall rise in acknowledgment towards the little peninsula across the world partly because of that damned Psy video. In this post, I list all of the events and places I have gone to ranging from music shows to film sets where I saw some of Korea's stars. I hope my little adventures help navigate you on your own journey in celeb-spotting! Remember that Korea has a lot more to offer beyond what I have done. If you are on a serious hunt for idols--visit their entertainment companies or strut around the streets of Gangnam. Korea is so small, you are bound to see someone!

Arirang TV - Simply Kpop

Back in July, I was attending Summer classes at Hanyang University along with a few other students from Cornell when I had the chance to go to Simply Kpop. Some of the other Cornell students applied for a bunch of passes to get into the filming at Arirang TV. Arirang TV is a Korean television channel that is directed towards foreigners interested in Korean culture and Simply Kpop is a music program the channel hosts where different Kpop groups come and perform. Since the program is directed towards foreigners, they let a certain amount of foreigners into the filming to sit in the first 2 rows of the audience on stage to cheer. I got super lucky and was given one of the extra passes my friend had and was able to sit in the audience for a lot of the performances that day and even the main live filming that occurred later in the night (I was there for about 12 hrs...). And as you can see above, one of the staff members even chose me to act as an MC and introduce the first group, Lucky J! Aside from Lucky J, I also saw Infinite, Girls Day, HyoMin, AOA, FIESTAR, C-Clown, NU'EST, BESTie, Par Jae Jung, Legend, and Jackson from GOT7 who was filling in as the main MC for U-Kiss's Eli (he was in Japan for a concert). Safe to say--my fangirl self was dead by the end of the day (and not because I almost got my head ripped off by a girl who scolded me for hugging NU'EST's Minhyun >_<).

You can see my brief stint as an MC and the performances here!

Screening of Tazza 2

Seeing T.O.P from the infamous Kpop group, Big Bang, was something I would have never imagined 2 years ago. Though I do not love him now as much as I did then, he still holds a special place in my heart! This opportunity came to me completely by luck as a friend of mine from Yonsei had a roommate who is obsessed with T.O.P and somehow found out he would be making rounds at the local theaters within walking distance of our dorm. My friend called me as soon as she found out T.O.P would possibly be at one of the screenings of Tazza 2 at Megabox in Sinchon and bought tickets for both of us in hopes he would actually be there. And fortunately for us, HE WAS! Not only did I get to see his hyped up shirtless scene in the film, I actually got to see him in person!! He came out with the director and cast of the film before it began to discuss acting, etc. and accept a few questions and then left promptly after about 10 or so minutes. Apparently, it is a common occurence for casts of movies to promote their films by touring theaters around Korea. If one of your favorite actors of idols is starring in a film while you are in Korea, I encourage you to scour the internet and fansites to see if they will be making any appearances in your local theater.

Hiphopplaya Show

I found out about the Hiphopplaya concert when Zion. T  posted this line-up poster on his facebook page. I'm a huge fan of Zion. T and the Illionaire gang so I was definitely counting down the days until I got to see them! If you are a fan of Korean hip hop artists, I advise you find their social media pages to stay updated on when they are having shows. From what I've noticed, most rappers post their event posters on FB or Insta to promote quite frequently and the same posters usually show up all over Hongdae. You can also go directly to the Hiphopplaya website. Hiphopplaya hosts many shows throughout the year with hip hop artists of varying popularity. Concert tickets usually range from around $50 to $70.

Zion. T 

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Illionaire (Beenzino, Dok2, the Quiett)

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Yonsei University Brave Concert

The line-up consisted of Brave Guys, Dynamic Duo, IU, Jay Park, MC The Max?, Baechigi, 4Minute, BTS, Orange Caramel, Girls Day, Dick Punks, SanE, Geeks, AOA, ToppDogg, Nu'Est, DJ ChoonJa, and DJ Hanmin.

In September, I attended an annual concert held in Yonsei University's Amphitheater. It was hosted by Brave Guys, a comedic trio from the show Gag Concert, and featured some of the hottest and most popular Kpop performers in Korea right now. The concert was open to anyone, including students outside of Yonsei, and the tickets were only around $25! 

Dynamic Duo





Orange Caramel

Girls Day

Like and see more idols at the concert on the DuoDiaries FB Page!

Set of Drama "The Three Musketeers"

My study abroad program took us to Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park in Gyeongsangbuk-do during our countryside excursion. This park houses the KBS drama studio so many historical dramas are filmed in this area, which contains three palaces and houses from the Goryeo dynasty. While we were visiting, "The Three Musketeers" was being filmed. This drama stars Yonghwa from Kpop group, CNBlue, and Lee Jin Wook of one of my fave Korean dramas, I Need Romance 2! Unfortunately, Yonghwa was nowhere to be seen on set but I was able to see Jin Wook and Park Young Gyu. It costs about 3 or 4 dollars to get into the area of the park where the palaces are located.


The line-up consisted of Geeks, Crucial Star, Crybaby, Ja Mezz, Yella Diamond, Vasco, Giriboy, CJamm, Blacknut, Nochang, Iron, i11evn, Supreme Boi, Kidoh, Marvel J, and DJ Snatch.

After watching Show Me the Money 3, a Korean program to find the best rapper in Korea, I became a huge fan of Iron. I found the promotional poster for this concert while scrolling through Tumblr and almost cried in joy because I had been searching for ways to see Iron in real life and now was my chance... (I know I sound like a creep). I am also a fan of Just Music and was excited to hear Rain Showers and Don in person. Also was happy to see other rappers from Show Me the Money: Vasco, Giriboy, and CJamm! 


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A video posted by Victoria H (@victoriaheinz) on

Just Music (Vasco, Nochang, Giriboy, CJamm)

Kidoh of ToppDogg

See photos from the concert here!


While trying to get a photo of model-turned-actor, Nam Joo Hyuk, at Seoul Fashion Week, I captured the most meta selfie of myself and absolutely nothing of the actor hidden in the crowd.

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