Amager Strandpark | Trip to the Beach

TIA HERE sporting photos and video from my trip to Amager Strand (name of the metro stop), where you can find the nearest beach around Copenhagen. Per usual, I feel as if the video and photos speak more to the experience than I ever could, simply because beaches are much the same everywhere and the only difference between a Copenhagen beach and a Florida beach is the holistic feeling you get from being there. Nonetheless, I'll try my best to capture it.

Gay Pride Celebration in Copenhagen | A Story in Pictures

rainbow pixelated heart
TIA HERE with photos from the end of August (wow talk about a late post!). During this time, it was Copenhagen's Pride Week, complete with a parade, musical performances, and more. While I ultimately missed the parademake sure you go at the right time of day if you want to be a part of itI still managed to get some pictures of neat and relevant things around the main square in the inner city. Enjoy!

Tivoli | A Rainy Copenhagen Adventure

one of the entrances/exits to Tivoli
TIA HERE with some sweet pics of Copenhagen's famous theme park "Tivoli Gardens," which, believe it or not, is the second oldest amusement park in the world (and Denmark). What's study abroad in Copenhagen without a little visit?

Review | Tia's Trip to a Copenhagen Cat Café

inside café miao
TIA HERE with a story I never thought I'd live to tell: 1) because I didn't know there were cat cafés in places that are not Asia and 2) because I am allergic to cats (or, at least, I thought I was). But despite all odds, here in Copenhagen, Denmark, there is a cat café that is aptly called Café Miao. What's a cat café? you might be wondering. It's exactly what it sounds like: a typical café with the addition of cats roaming around at their own leisure. It's like eating in a pet shop, minus the cages, but also minus the concern that the animals will take your food--cats have more dignity than that, and they also are forbidden from eating the food so they are more used to just hanging around while people eat. If you don't want to eat anything, for just 50 DKK ($8.50) you can step inside the cat room for as long as you like and just pet cats. Or, if you're like me and my friends Alanna and Katya, you can buy some food at a minimum of 50 DKK and have a nice meal in addition to petting cats.