Hair-Do or Hair-Don't? | Madison Reed

me with my orange(ish) hair and thelonia
TIA HERE with a different kind of post. As you may know (and may know more about fairly soon!), I've been on a bit of a hair journey, finally getting an opportunity to play with my hair like most people do in middle/high school. But let's be real: I'm no expert when it comes to what is healthiest for my hair. I definitely thought rinsing with cold water increased shine. At least I know not to shampoo daily!

Happy Holidays from the Duo!

Witchy Ghosts, Murderers, and Shia LaBeouf | Recent Film Projects

TIA HERE with some videos for you! I've been doing a lot of stuff lately, but haven't had much to show for, unfortunately. It sucks when you put a lot of work into something, like a project or a paper, and then it sort of disappears into oblivion to later become a part of your GPA. But the good thing about videos is that you can hold onto the evidence that you did something and actually show it to the world. So that said, here are the films/YouTube videos/music videos I've been creating lately, both WIP (unlisted) and completed:

Thankful, but Passing on the Thanksgiving Food

TIA HERE with an obligatory, cheesy Thanksgiving post. Because the truth is, I have a lot to be thankful for. A whole lot.

Central Park Chillin' | NYC Adventure

VICTORIA HERE to show you how to perfectly enjoy a solo day on your own in NYC. If you're anything like me, you get super anxious when you spend everyday indoors sulking over the fact you have no friends in the huge and busy city you've suddenly found yourself in... Well, maybe not that particular. BUT, I'm sure everyone gets the feeling sometimes that they have to get out every once in a while to feel sane! Over the summer, I only worked four days a week at my internship so I had Fridays completely to myself. I was determined to spend each and every one of those Fridays doing something new to familiarize myself with the city and to become more used to spending quality time alone. I spent my first adventure on a mission to find Central Park.

September & October | Favorites

TIA HERE with a slightly late duo-monthly favorites post. To excuse my lateness: I am currently in the craziest part of the semester in terms of papers/big projects/work/club activities, so finding a free hour for Duo Diaries has been a challenge. But you'll never find time if you don't make time! So here I am, making time.


Justin Bieber was never one of my favorites, but as of late, I've become a huge fan of his music, namely: "Sorry," "Where Are Ü Now," and "What Do You Mean." I'm seriously hooked. I've always thought the Biebs was a good singer, but I never cared much for his lyrics or sound. These new songs, though, tell a different story. I feel like his lyrics are more genuine now, and the embracing of the sorta unique electronic sound is doing him well.


Guess what? Today is Victoria's 21st birthday!! Let's all wish her the very best!

Much love,