Chasing Perfection | How to Make the Best of Your Character Flaws

TIA HERE with the age-old Hannah Montana adage: "Nobody's perfect." Although Hannah may not be real, her advice is, and I know it still applies to me every day, a constant reminder that being perfect is an impossible goal. Just like every good literary character has their set of flaws, people are no different. So, when it comes to addressing your imperfections, there are two ways to take it all in—fall into a vast pit of despair as you fail to become the person you wish you were, or find a way to make the best of it. Look for your fatal flaw in the list below, and consider its silver lining:

Review | "This Is Not A Test" & "Please Remain Calm" by Courtney Summers

TIA HERE with my first book(s) review of the year, and of Duo Diaries... ever. And there is no better way to kick off the book reviewing than with the book I just finished yesterday—Please Remain Calm, the novella sequel to This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers. Because the two go very much hand-in-hand, I thought it'd make sense to throw them all together into one nearly spoiler-less post (don't worry, there's a bold, all caps warning for when you get there).

Adventure in Seoul|Samcheongdong 삼청동

VICTORIA HERE to bring you along with me on a girls' day out in Samcheongdong. Nestled between mountains and palaces, Samcheongdong quickly became one of my favorite spots in Seoul because of its beautiful and relaxing surroundings. Within walking distance of the neighborhood lies  great traditional sites such as Gyeongbokgung Palace and Insadong, and Samcheongdong itself contains a village full of charming (aka expensive) traditional homes. Though the neighborhood is rooted in a historical gold mine, Samcheongdong also is a very artsy locale full of museums, cool galleries, and many small independent cafes and shops that make this place ideal for a chill day out. 

10 TV Shows You Should Already Be Watching

TIA HERE and it's January, which means all the shows you love are premiering, or are returning after the big holiday break. If you're wondering what's on, what to watch, or what you might like—this list is for you. Here are ten TV shows that you should already be watching:

5 Actually Effective Ways to Beat Procrastination

TIA HERE and if you are anything like me, you've probably gone to war with procrastination more times than you can count. In fact, you might even be doing it right now. When it comes to fighting the desperate urge to do anything but your work, things can get pretty intense. Deadlines creep up, and still you would rather watch Parks and Recreation reruns than do two math problems in a row. At the end of the day, you know you'll have to get your work done, but is there a way to overcome your procrastination and get it all done sooner?

I'd say yes. In fact, there are five different ways. I've used all of these methods at one time or another and, although they work differently for different people, I would say they are the best options I've stumbled across so far. As you start to toil against your addiction to refreshing Facebook, I suggest you give these a try and let me know which ones help you the most!

Seoul City Tour|Gyeongbokgung Palace, Namsan Tower, and more!

VICTORIA HERE with a little summation of the Seoul City Tour I went on that was provided by Hanyang International Summer School. This trip is apart of the few fieldtrips put on by HISS to encourage International students to explore and learn more about Seoul and Korean culture. The other trips they provide include a Nanta traditional Korean drum performance, the Boryeong Mud Festival, and other excursions which require additional payment.

DIY | Make Your Own Custom Phone Case

TIA HERE and, for my first post of 2015, I am going to teach you how to make your own personalized phone case in the cheapest and easiest way possible. I think this could work with any type of smartphone if you just follow the steps below, but it will turn out a little differently for each one (especially curved phones). I used an iPhone 5S for this tutorial, and it worked perfectly for me. Hopefully it will work perfectly for you, too!

- Welcome 2015 -

VICTORIA and TIA wish you all a Happy New Year filled with new travels, new experiences, and new beginnings. Let's make the most of 2015!

Please look forward to and continue to support Duo Diaries this year,

V. T.