Grocery Shopping in Copenhagen | How to Sort Through Your Confusion

TIA HERE with a word of warning: don't walk into a Danish grocery store without a plan. You think, like any common fool may think, that things will be similar to the way they are in America, and to some extent they are. But more likely, you will find yourself wandering the halls of Netto with a dazed look on your face as the foreign words pop out at you with mocking faces. Not to worry! For all of you Americans new to Copenhagen, I have some advice that will make you look like a real Dane in your nearest Netto, Fotex, etc. etc.

Four DIS Students Weigh In | All About LLCs, Housing & DIS

TIA HERE and this week I did a little interview/panel/open discussion with four of my LLC-mates, asking them all kinds of questions revolving around our apartment, the Living Learning Community we're a part of, and what it's like to live in Copenhagen through DIS in general. Meet Joey, Katya, Alanna, and Kayla (from left to right). All five of us, in addition to nine other people (and our Social and Residential Advisor) stay together in a six bedroom apartment in the center of Copenhagen. Our LLC is the "Creative Writing" LLC, meaning that we all have a similar interest in writing and hope to continue exploring that interest abroad. Here are the nine short videos covering some questions I posed that should hopefully give future DIS students a better idea of what it's like to live in Copenagen, an LLC, and/or our specific LLC. There's also an outtakes/blooper reel for those wanting a little more info and a better sense of what we're like as people. Enjoy!

First up! I ask everyone what their first impressions of the LLC and Copenhagen were, and how they may have changed since being here for a month. My first impression, unlike theirs, revolved more around the living space than the people. I couldn't believe how big the room was! Even though it was a triple, it was nothing like one of the forced triples I was used to seeing in the U.S. My roommates and I all got a corner of the huge room, and we all received a desk, chair, trashcan, table lamp, floor lamp, magnetic whiteboard (with three to four magnets), cubby, closet, power strip, and clothing drawer. The room has wood-paneled floors and three large windows that swing open to welcome in a view of the street below. Talk about a dream apartment!

Adventure in Seoul|Getting Lost in Hongdae 홍대!

VICTORIA HERE with a story I originally posted on my Tumblr, hotmilkblacktea. Getting lost in a foreign country is an experience I shouldn't keep from you guys and this is certainly a memory I never want to forget. As travelers, we should expect this to happen at least once! After getting lost, ironically, I felt like I knew how to navigate myself around Seoul comfortably.

Horror Story | Course Registration at Yonsei

VICTORIA HERE with a briefing on registering for courses at Yonsei University. Before I dive in on the whole situation, I must point out this post is a combination of my own stupidity as well as the inefficiency of Yonsei's course registration process. Most people did not have the same struggles or make the same mistakes as I did. That being said, this is all completely based upon my own opinion and experience!

DIS Orientation and My First Impressions of Copenhagen

tia near the famous nyhavn for the amazing race
TIA HERE and I can't believe it. This is only my fourth day in Denmark and I already feel completely at home. You think things moved fast freshman year? Try studying abroad and you'll feel as if a century has passed in the span of an hour--that you've known the people around you for weeks and that you're ready to move in to the city you're now afraid to leave. But it's only been four days--and I'm four months from leaving.

Pre-Departure Thoughts, Background on DIS, and My Denmark Goals

the jacksonville airport

TIA HERE with some of my pre-Denmark thoughts and experience thus far with DIS. Currently, I'm sitting in the Jacksonville airport (I'm writing this on August 16th, for your reference), ready to fly to JFK in New York City (the irony) then head off to Copenhagen. I thought, for anyone interested in going to Denmark through DIS or just interested in studying abroad in general, it may be interesting to just log how I feel before the semester starts and then write one of these again when I'm on my way back home in December.

Back Home | A Day with Dog

TIA HERE with a break post--a little in-between look at my two week relaxing period between New York City and Copenhagen, Denmark. For most of this "real summer break," I sat around, sickly and pitiful, because I got my wisdom teeth removed and felt a little off for about a week. Note to anyone who might be getting their wisdom teeth removed: when you think you're good and healed, still give yourself a few more days of babying yourself, because you might hurt yourself again like I did and really regret it!

A Final Salute to NYC

street art, spotted in the city

TIA HERE with a final post about my summer in NYC. It's been almost a month since I left and I have now been in Copenhagen for two weeks, but I thought it was necessary for me to write some concluding remarks about the city that had occupied my life for two months of the summer.

PR Explained | What is an Audio News Release?

TIA HERE with some more insight into the PR world. This is all general information, but based on my experiences interning at a PR company. If you want to read more about my internship experiences, check out this post on the day in the life of a NYC intern, this post on SMTs, and the rest of the blog, of course.

PR Explained | What is a Satellite Media Tour?

TIA HERE with the scoop on how some interesting public relations things work. This is all general information, but based on my experiences interning at a PR company. If you want to read more about my internship experiences, check out this post and the rest of the blog.

A Day of Food with Mom

some vegetables at madangsui
TIA HERE with a post all about my day with my mom, who came by to visit. Her hotel was in K-town (Koreatown) so we stopped by a Korean barbecue restaurant called Madangsui. Although everything was well-made, I discovered that I'm not really a huge fan of the style of eating. I think part of it may have to do with the fact that I'm not that into eating meat in general (except for salami and fish/shellfish) so I don't get as excited about it as I think I'm expected to.

How to Do Karaoke in NYC

entrance to karaoke duet 35

TIA HERE and all I can say is KARAOKE. As someone who finds singing a huuuuge stress relief and super fun, karaoke is the perfect type of weekend activity. I've gone maybe five times throughout the span of the summer with friends and family, and it's remained just as enjoyable each time.

Grabbing Brunch at Lafayette

the front door of lafayette
TIA HERE with some photos from when I first came to NYC and got brunch at a restaurant called Lafayette (obviously located on Lafayette St.) with my dad. The place is alright--beautiful aesthetic with beautiful people in sunglasses at every table, but slightly overpriced. It's definitely a restaurant to go to if you're looking for a fancy brunch with your cool, well-dressed friends with money. The waiters rock adorable suspenders and look just as classy as the people eating. I don't have a strong enough opinion of the place to offer a review, but I thought I would still throw up some photos I took of the place. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Review | My New Favorite Place to Eat

TIA HERE with a rave review of my new favorite place to get food in the entire world. There is a Korean bakery called The Paris Baguette (Confusing right? Is it Paris or Korea?) that you can find in Koreatown (near the Empire State Building). It is, by far, my favorite place. Have I said that yet? I'll say it again. It's the best. Starving and with Winnie, as always, we stopped at The Paris Baguette virtually at random and were entranced by the selection. The baked goods were all expertly crafted to look as beautiful and delicate as can be—and they tasted amazing. There were so many mysterious food items that I wanted to try, but (during my first visit) I settled for a brie and turkey croissant sandwich, a long bread-like pastry with chocolate chips, a very soft, strawberry-flavored cake of some kind, and a bubble tea. That was the meal that converted me to the church of Paris Baguette.