A Final Salute to NYC

street art, spotted in the city

TIA HERE with a final post about my summer in NYC. It's been almost a month since I left and I have now been in Copenhagen for two weeks, but I thought it was necessary for me to write some concluding remarks about the city that had occupied my life for two months of the summer.

I want to go back. I hope someday I'll live there, if just for a few years, before I move to California (my dream state). I've been around a good chunk of the world, but NYC is unlike anything else--a cliche you've probably heard many times, but one that never fails to be true--and I would love to live more of my life there.

Because I'm so certain I will return, it doesn't really feel like goodbye, just a "see you soon." If you ever decide to head out to the city to intern, share your experiences with me--I'd love to hear them!--and I hope you have as much fun as I did. The city will come at you in waves, from enormous and exciting to grimy and gloomy to, finally, a new home. Experience everything you can and appreciate the fast moving nature of the Big Apple, because the rest of the world will feel so slow once you leave.

I'll be back for you, New York. I swear it.

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Much love,


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