Industry Expert Quincie's Must-Watch List Of TV and Film | Guest Post

QUINCIE HERE. Hi friends! I am back to do what I love best, which is discuss TV and films. Who missed me?! 

My last post on DuoDiaries was all about my summer internships working at film and TV production companies, so I thought I’d put my money where my mouth is and shout out a few things I have recently been watching and loving. My selections encompass a pretty broad range of tastes, so hopefully there is something on this list for everyone.

Review | New York City's Cat Café: The Meow Parlour

TIA HERE and oh my god, guess who just went to another cat café. Yep. Me.

In case you've forgotten somehow, I'm currently in New York City, where there is a wonderful little cat café called the Meow Parlour, among other things. My wonderful study abroad friend Alanna and I spent the day at the Natural History Museum and had brunch at Broadway Bites and had great fun. As night fell (around 7 p.m., although we were a bit late because subways never run when you want them to), we arrived at the Meow Parlour where we had made a reservation months prior with friends Thelonia, Lea, and Winnie. This is not the first cat café Alanna and I had visited together, and it certainly will not be the last!

13 Reasons Why Every Swiftie Must Attend Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour

TIA HERE and recently returned from an insane Saturday night, MetLife Stadium, Taylor Swift concert!!! (Okay... Maybe not so recently. Because believe it or not, it didn't take me five days to travel home, although the train ride back felt like an eternity.) Some backdrop: I've been to MetLife Stadium before to see Beyoncé and Jay Z, I've seen Taylor Swift in concert in the past (for the Speak Now tour), and I was and am obsessed with her album 1989.

But rather than just blather on about my own experience at the concert, I thought I'd give you all some reasons why you should consider dishing out the (insane) amounts of money needed to see Taylor Swift at a distance with 60,000 other people. Doesn't sound worth it, right? Well, it is.

Here are my thirteen reasons why you should see Taylor Swift in concert for her 1989 World Tour if you have the chance:

What's It Like to Intern at a Production Company? | Guest Post

QUINCIE HERE—Wait, what?! Not who you were expecting, right? My buddy Tia, who you all know and love, asked me to write a guest post about my summer internships. Of course, being the good friend that I am (*insert sassy hand flip girl emoji*), I agreed. I previously appeared on Tia’s other post about internships, but here are some more specific details and tips about the industry I am working in, which is… *drumroll*... the entertainment industry!

Top 15 of TWENTY FIFTEEN (so far) + Playlist | a kpop roundup

VICTORIA HERE supplying you with my top Korean pop hits from the first half of 2k15! Though I do not consider myself an obsessed kpop fangirl, I do definitely stay up to date on the latest releases and there are a lot of great ones this year so far! This list is based on my own personal preferences rather than how popular each song actually was on the charts. Even so, I think kpop newbies and extreme fans alike can enjoy these songs and I encourage you to take the time out to listen! You might just find your new summer jam~

15. Taemin - Danger
SHINee's youngest member, Taemin, is all grown up in his solo debut. Danger is not too far a cry from a typical SHINee song which, of course, means it is a great pop track. Check out the MV (linked in the title) to awe at Taemin's Michael Jackson-esque dance moves (and his spectacular style)!

10 Things I Wish I Had Known as a Cornell Freshman

TIA HERE with a little advice for all you upcoming Cornell freshmen. Compiled from things I've learned as a senior (class of 2016, woo!) and what my friends wish they'd known, here's my list of ten things I wish I'd known as a freshman at Cornell:

What's It Like to Intern in Publishing?

TIA HERE and interning at a literary agency and publishing company this summer (which, if you've read even a portion of DD, you already know). Before my internships began, I googled wildly for advice from publishing interns to prepare for what was coming, and I was totally disappointed by the lack of things I could find. Maybe I'm just bad at googling, or maybe it would help others to share my experience so far.