13 Reasons Why Every Swiftie Must Attend Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour

TIA HERE and recently returned from an insane Saturday night, MetLife Stadium, Taylor Swift concert!!! (Okay... Maybe not so recently. Because believe it or not, it didn't take me five days to travel home, although the train ride back felt like an eternity.) Some backdrop: I've been to MetLife Stadium before to see Beyoncé and Jay Z, I've seen Taylor Swift in concert in the past (for the Speak Now tour), and I was and am obsessed with her album 1989.

But rather than just blather on about my own experience at the concert, I thought I'd give you all some reasons why you should consider dishing out the (insane) amounts of money needed to see Taylor Swift at a distance with 60,000 other people. Doesn't sound worth it, right? Well, it is.

Here are my thirteen reasons why you should see Taylor Swift in concert for her 1989 World Tour if you have the chance:

1. The concert is one, huge, incredible light show. I kid you not. It is gorgeous and mind-blowing and makes you feel a little less alone in the universe, standing in a sea of stars. When you enter the stadium (or hall, or wherever you'll be seeing her in concert), you get a white wristband that doesn't appear to do anything. But, SURPRISE, when the music starts, your wristband will start lighting up to the beat in all kinds of coordinated colors. And it makes everything so much more fun.

2. You get to keep the light-up wristband. So, is that where all the ticket money went? ...Good. After the concert, the remote control over your wristband dissipates and you can light it up and change the colors by tapping it. Fun souvenir!

3. The dancers wear heelys. Yep! Well, for at least one song. "Style" I think. Which is relevant. To heelys. Which will never go out of style.

4. The behind-the-scenes videos and interviews with Taylor's friends between songs are cute. Who doesn't want a bunch of celebrities to endorse them and talk nice about them? Taylor works hard to connect to her audience on a personal level, and her celebrity friends in these videos feel accessible and, well, like nice humans. Oh, and cats. Did I mention her cats are in the videos?

5. Super positive feminism for all! If there is a theme to this tour, it is girls supporting girls. And that's beautiful.

6. The mash-up of "Enchanted" and "Wildest Dreams" on the piano is to die for. Seriously. Need I say more? How am I even still standing? I should be a puddle on the floor by now.

7. The rock-inspired covers of Classic Swift (aka Country Swift) are bizarre and crazy fun. It feels very unexpected, but it works very well. "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "We Are Never Getting Back Together" sound crazy with the electric guitar and, somehow, they are everything.

8. The fireworks at the end looked better than the ones I saw for July 4th. To be fair, the city of New York does not have T. Swift's budget. Also there wasn't a bridge obscuring my view. So that's a plus.

9. The resulting smoke (and fog effects) are perfect to hold the light coming from all directions. Everything looked so soft and perfect and deliberate and I want to live inside this concert forever.

10. The Wave that the audience will inevitably do is one of the most impressive feats of human nature that I have ever seen. So what if we put a man on the moon? Buzz Aldrin can't do the wave by himself, let alone five loops of it around a stadium full of many vividly committed wave-doers. Because Buzz Aldrin is one person. And Swifties are an army. An army that loves the Wave, as most good armies do.

11. The inspirational speeches from T. Swiz herself will make you feel at least the tiniest bit better about yourself and the world. Now, she's no psychologist, but Taylor has always been one to tap into her own experiences and reach others through them. She knows how to connect to people, even if it's through very basic channels (aka love), and her positivity is infectious. Of course, the moment when I teared up (yes, I am a huge crybaby, excuse you) was when she played "You Belong With Me" and "Love Story," because the past came swinging back to hit me in the face.

12. The surprise guests and openers pull no punches. Shawn Mendes, HAIM, Vance Joy, and Nick Jonas all owned the stage. Seriously. I didn't know who half of them were (actually just Shawn... Although I am not familiar with HAIM all that much either), and yet I was still pretty impressed with what they had to offer. Of course, when Uzo Aduba unexpectedly made an appearance, everyone lost their minds. But she's perfect, so what can you expect?

13. This concert will be the biggest, most exciting karaoke party of your life. Everyone sings along. Everyone. To every word. When you're in that room, with all those people, there is an undeniable buzz of connection that shoots through each person like a bolt of electricity, binding all together in song. And I love that. So, so much.

this video doesn't actually play, but enjoy the gif!

If you can dish out the dough, you must go. Those were my 13 reasons why you should become a part of Taylor's 1989 World Tour and I'm sure I could think of a million more if I really tried (but 13 is the number, now isn't it?). The show was beautiful, and amazing, and if you go, it will remind you to love and smile and trudge through your mistakes to find new victories. So get yourself a win now, and see Taylor Swift in concert immediately.

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