Exploring Coney Island

TIA HERE with seven posts left until the Copenhagen posts start, even though by the time you’re reading this I’ll already be there. The countdown has begun! Currently, I’m sitting in JFK (where I will be for HOURS) waiting for my flight to Copenhagen. What better way to spend this time than to write the rest of the NYC posts I have piled up?

A Foodie Day with Grandma

TIA HERE with the dish on some of the dishes and restaurants I visited in NYC while my grandma was in town. While we did not eat at all of these places, we explored them with passion. First, we went to see Eataly, which is like an enormous, Italian-inspired market-meets-restaurant. It's incredible! Like a maze of food, it takes you from gelato to bread to meat to seafood with swirling aisles of shelves and tables--it's overwhelming, tightly-packed, and a delicious must see. We didn't get anything because we weren't hungry at the time, just visiting to see Eataly in all its glory. However, we did ogle other people's meals as we wandered by, and I filmed a lot of the store to give you guys a visual (see video above!).

Les Misérables, Heathers, Once, and If/Then | The Musicals I Saw in NYC

the heathers musical stage

TIA HERE with a song and dance for you to enjoy! This summer I had the amazing opportunity to see three Broadway musicals and one off-Broadway musical. The verdict: J'ADORE! Let's go through the list, but keep in mind that all of the pictures you see here are from when I saw Heathers: The Musical, as it is generally frowned upon to film during a musical (and is illegal, I think) so I did not bring my camera (or camera mindset) with me to most of the shows. I did happen to have it on the day I saw Heathers however, which is why I have a couple photos here of that!

Review | The Little Owl

TIA HERE with a little review on a little restaurant called The Little Owl. My often-mentioned friend Winnie Yelped the place and she, me, and my other friend Thelonia met up there. From the outside, I was already smitten. How could I not be? It looks so charming and nice!

I Was in the Same Room as Beyoncé

TIA HERE with all the power of Beyoncé and Jay Z flowing through my veins. My dear friend Winnie and I were able to snag somewhat cheap tickets (around $50) to see Beyoncé and Jay Z as they stopped by MetLife Stadium on July 12 as a part of their On The Run Tour. I can't believe it's been a month since it happened! (If you haven't noticed, these posts are quite backed up/scheduled, so by the time you see this, I'll already be in Denmark, but still uploading posts about New York City. Crazy!) Anyway, how to summarize the experience of seeing Beyoncé in the flesh? Let's start at the beginning, shall we? When things went all wrong...

Review | Desserts and Discoveries

TIA HERE with the scoop on where to get a nice scoop of ice cream, a cup of crème brûlée, or some macarons. Of course, there are tons of places in the city where you can get incredible desserts, but I thought I'd offer my two cents on some of the places I stumbled across. These are, by no means, famous New York City dessert locations, but if you're looking for somewhere well-known, there are already a thousand lists all across the internet. Instead, I hope to offer a little peek at some places you may wander past on the street and not know much about. It's a very specific list of three different places I tried out while in the city, and will hopefully give you a taste of the vast variety of dessert places that may not be on any must-see lists, but are just as worthy of a try.

Exploring Williamsburg [Brooklyn]

TIA HERE with a little taste of Brooklyn. On a sunny summer weekend, my dear friend Winnie and I trekked off to Brooklyn—one of the boroughs of NYC, just across the bridge from Manhattan. We decided on Williamsburg (well, Winnie decided because she did all the research!) to seek out some of the amazing graffiti that the area is well known for. Along the way, we made some cafe stops to fight off the heat, passed an art exhibit with an incredible line, and stumbled across Smorgasburg, a weekly Brooklyn food and flea market. Ever heard of a ramen burger? That's where you go to get one—if you're willing to brave the three hour long line (alas, we were not).

Review | Bedford Baking Studio

TIA HERE with the scoop on a little Brooklyn bakery called Bedford Baking Studio. I stumbled across the place while wandering Williamsburg in the hot summer month of July, and I stopped in mostly for a drink and something to eat, but also because it looked so darn cute. Although I didn't glean this information at the time, I now know that BBS is a family-run, Turkish bakery-meets-coffee-shop. When I was there, like always, I went for the cheaper menu items.

Review | Korean Pizza @ Hongdae's Dark Plant

VICTORIA HERE with deets on one the most popular pizza spots in Seoul! First I must warn you, Korean pizza is nothing like the pizza you know and love (well if you come from a Western country at least). Koreans have taken the greasy salty delight and turned it into a sweet and sugary delicacy. Even Western franchises in Korea such as Pizza Hut and Dominos have altered their usual menu to suit the locals. A typical pizza in Korea contains sweeter ingredients ranging from corn to sweet potatoes. It is a common realization between foreigners here that most Western foods (chips, bread, it goes on) are adapted into a sweeter counterpart that may be a little awkward to adjust to (because it really is weird to be honest). Though this is common, your normal pepperoni and cheese option is still available but when in Korea I suggest trying out your new options!

A Day in the Life | Interning in NYC

TIA HERE with the lowdown on what it's like to be a summer intern in the City of New York. To give some background, I'm doing two internships--one that is three days a week and the other that is two days a week, both spanning in total from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday--basically a full time job. Both places are on the same street, coincidentally, so it takes me 35 minutes to commute (read: walk) each morning. My hope with this post is to give you the layout of my day and week, so if you are considering an internship in NYC, you'll have an idea of what that might entail.

Review | 5 Common NYC Eateries

TIA HERE with the latest dish on some of the dishes I’ve been trying while in the Big Apple. Although you should be expecting detailed posts focused on specific restaurants and cafes in the future, I’m going to start out with the basics.