A Foodie Day with Grandma

TIA HERE with the dish on some of the dishes and restaurants I visited in NYC while my grandma was in town. While we did not eat at all of these places, we explored them with passion. First, we went to see Eataly, which is like an enormous, Italian-inspired market-meets-restaurant. It's incredible! Like a maze of food, it takes you from gelato to bread to meat to seafood with swirling aisles of shelves and tables--it's overwhelming, tightly-packed, and a delicious must see. We didn't get anything because we weren't hungry at the time, just visiting to see Eataly in all its glory. However, we did ogle other people's meals as we wandered by, and I filmed a lot of the store to give you guys a visual (see video above!).

The place we actually ate at that day was Maison Kayser, which reminded me a lot of Le Pain Quotidien conceptually, where I had a delicious concoction that involved putting poached eggs on salmon on bread. I was extremely hungry that day and ate it within seconds, so I can't really say much review-wise, but I enjoyed it, I guess? Watch the video to see what I ordered and what my grandma ordered as well (I can't remember the names, but hers is the long piece of bread and mine are the two little poached eggs on bread). Plus, I got a dirty chai latte again, but this time, I must place the focus on the option that accompanied the drink. On the table were (wait for it) sugar cubes. They weren't really traditional sugar cubes, but were cubes composed of rather large grains of sugar held together to form the shape (I guess that just sounds like any sugar cube ever, but it was different!), and they came in two types: sugar cane and traditional white sugar. Best yet, they were all individually wrapped, like candy, so you betcha I took as many as I could carry and stuffed them into my pockets. Best treat ever!

an ugly picture of mussel shells (but importantly from tavern on the green!)

Finally, we went to the very famous and recently revamped Tavern on the Green. Located in Central Park, the place is a well-known NYC restaurant that has undergone a truly impressive makeover. The restaurant is now composed into three or four very distinctly furnished rooms, all circled around an outdoor eating space. The first room is all dark wood and red sofas, lushly designed, while the next is bright and open with windows that looked a lot like an Apple Store.

We sat in a room that was distinctly green and I ordered the smoked & cured fish plate for $22 (see picture below) and mussels (see picture above). While I did order the fish plate, I did it mostly to dare myself to try new things and eat more fish--but if there's anything I learned from ordering it, it's that fish isn't something I can force myself to like (heh). Still, I tried the organic irish smoked salmon, organic gravlax pickled herring rollmop served with cultured butter, goat cream cheese, raw honey-mustard, and ruis Bread. The verdict? I can do all of it except the picked herring. That's one fishy treat that's far too fishy for me. Ironically, that is apparently a Danish favorite (oh no!), so I guess I'll have to fight my tastebuds to get a proper dose of the culture.

the fish plate I ordered

However, the most distinctive elements about Tavern on the Green, ignoring the food and interior design, were definitely the waiters. Because holy mother of god they were attractive. My dear friend Winnie, who was with me at the time, can vouch for it. There must be some kind of conspiracy where Tavern on the Green only hires very attractive waitstaff because it was actually insane. Visit the place for the landmark value and the hot waiters, but skip out on the expensive food if you wanna save cash (like I always do). If my wonderful grandma had not been in town, I would never have taken the time to check the place out, so I'm glad she stopped by. Despite the jokes, I do think it is worth a visit!
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