Exploring Williamsburg [Brooklyn]

TIA HERE with a little taste of Brooklyn. On a sunny summer weekend, my dear friend Winnie and I trekked off to Brooklyn—one of the boroughs of NYC, just across the bridge from Manhattan. We decided on Williamsburg (well, Winnie decided because she did all the research!) to seek out some of the amazing graffiti that the area is well known for. Along the way, we made some cafe stops to fight off the heat, passed an art exhibit with an incredible line, and stumbled across Smorgasburg, a weekly Brooklyn food and flea market. Ever heard of a ramen burger? That's where you go to get one—if you're willing to brave the three hour long line (alas, we were not).

tia in brooklyn

Despite the heat, Williamsburg was a fun adventure. The sight of hipsters in their natural habitat was one that left me feeling both intrigued by their aesthetic and scorned for my own complete lack of a commitment to the hipster image (I fall more into the "huge nerd" category). Nonetheless, it was interesting to see the art and watch the buildings range from old to strikingly modern, and the languages change from Spanish to English, here and there. While it was not entirely clear to me where one neighborhood ended and the other began, it was still entertaining to wander hopelessly in a different borough. Really, the video speaks for itself (and can do Brooklyn more justice than my words can, as someone none-too-familiar with the area). If you take anything from this post, it should be that if you ever are in the city, you should definitely find your way to Smorgasburg, if it's still on. Brooklyn is definitely worth the time, but make sure you figure out where exactly in it you want to go. It's not small!

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