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TIA HERE with the scoop on a little Brooklyn bakery called Bedford Baking Studio. I stumbled across the place while wandering Williamsburg in the hot summer month of July, and I stopped in mostly for a drink and something to eat, but also because it looked so darn cute. Although I didn't glean this information at the time, I now know that BBS is a family-run, Turkish bakery-meets-coffee-shop. When I was there, like always, I went for the cheaper menu items.

I've been curious about eating anchovies and bringing them into my diet because of the rumored health benefits, so I decided to try BBS's anchovy sandwich. It was very simple and exactly what it sounds like--a layer of anchovies and cilantro across a flaky roll, painted with tangy tomato sauce. On the top of the bun was some sort of cheesy (oniony?) dollop that just added to the overall crunch. While it was far from being the most extravagant food I've had in New York City, it was exactly what I needed on that hot and hungry day. And my verdict on anchovies? There's nothing wrong with their flavor, but I think I will forever be too creeped out by the dissolving, salty, little fishes.

anchovy sandwich

And of course, I couldn't eat an anchovy sandwich without something to drink, so I decided on the black mango iced tea with hopes that it would give me a little morning boost of caffeine as well. What can I say? It was a combo of everything I love--cold drinks, black tea, and mango flavoring--so I loved it. Is it so good that I'll never go back to normal tea ever again? Probably not. But, in the moment, it was the perfect companion to my little meal.

black mango iced tea 

So here's my final verdict for Bedford Baking Studio: it's cute! The atmosphere is very Brooklyn/Williamsburg hipster, but with the right amount of a homey touch. While it's very small and casual, with maybe a total of five tables scattered about, the food it honest and thoughtful and the aesthetic is charming. I'd give it a solid B. My life is still the same with BBS no longer in it, but I was happy I stopped in. If you're ever in Williamsburg, give it a try and explore the other places along the street--there are lots of things to see!

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