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VICTORIA HERE with deets on one the most popular pizza spots in Seoul! First I must warn you, Korean pizza is nothing like the pizza you know and love (well if you come from a Western country at least). Koreans have taken the greasy salty delight and turned it into a sweet and sugary delicacy. Even Western franchises in Korea such as Pizza Hut and Dominos have altered their usual menu to suit the locals. A typical pizza in Korea contains sweeter ingredients ranging from corn to sweet potatoes. It is a common realization between foreigners here that most Western foods (chips, bread, it goes on) are adapted into a sweeter counterpart that may be a little awkward to adjust to (because it really is weird to be honest). Though this is common, your normal pepperoni and cheese option is still available but when in Korea I suggest trying out your new options!

Today, I am introducing you to a pizza spot that my friend brought me too during one of my first weeks in Seoul. According to her it has been popular amongst Koreans lately - not sure how valid this is but after having experienced the food and recently seeing their ads all around Hongdae I now understand why.

address | 356-1 2f Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 
                    서울특별시 마포구 서교동 356-1

This restaurant has a cool urban and youthful vibe. Its name 'Dark Plant' translates into the interior of establishment as much of the decor is based around a steampunk-ish factory/manufacturing plant aesthetic. Electronic dance music is played loudly across the restaurant and differs quite a bit from the music expected to be played in such a cool laid-back atmosphere. However, it doesn't take away from this place's charm. This spot is the perfect place to have a meal on a weekend before hitting a bar and later making your way to the numerous local clubs. It gets you into the 'clubbing mood' and three slices of one of their unique pizzas is enough to prepare yourself for drinking. 

The crowd it pulls seems to be primarily girls and that may or may not be because of the good looking (and polite) staff. In the photo above, you may notice locks on the gate. They are actually all around the restaurant! Guests can purchase these locks and write little notes on them and lock them here. Couples in particular engage in this little ceremony and lock there love here in hopes for a long-lasting relationship. I saw a lock near where I sat written by a fellow single customer that read "next time with a boyfriend!" 

extra bonus = cute waiters ;)
sweet potato - almonds - cheese - black pepper | rating: 8/10
*oreos* - icing - cheese | rating: 9/10
pickles and radish | typical side dishes given with pizza
To be honest, I am young and I will eat anything as long as it is food but the pizza here was actually pretty good though different. The sweet potato pizza wasn't greasy at all and the black pepper balanced out the sweetness of the sweet potatoes (mini korean lesson: sweet potatoes = go-goo-mah or 고구마). In contrast, the oreo pizza was quite greasy and extremely sweet but that is exactly what I want from a dessert and I reveled in its diabetes-inducing deliciousness muahhaha You can check out the rest of the menu on their website (it is in Korean). They offer pizza toppings ranging from blueberry to spicy bulgogi and also serve many different types of fusion pasta dishes. I believe the menu in the restaurant also listed the dishes in English, so you do not have to worry about it not being foreigner friendly.

I definitely recommend Dark Plant if you are ever in Hongdae and in need of a cool atmosphere to grab a bite to eat with friends!

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