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TIA HERE with a little review on a little restaurant called The Little Owl. My often-mentioned friend Winnie Yelped the place and she, me, and my other friend Thelonia met up there. From the outside, I was already smitten. How could I not be? It looks so charming and nice!
the little owl storefront
It was pretty confusing to get there, since all the streets swung this way and that like the staircases in Hogwarts, so Winnie and I waited a little while for Thelonia to arrive. We still weren't completely sure about the place, since we did just Yelp it with no prior knowledge, so we waited outside for a little bit. When it was clear it would take Thelonia a little longer to get there, we thought we might get a table and wait for her seated, but the hostess inside said that they couldn't seat us until the full party had arrived. It was a little rainy, but there was a tarp over our heads so we didn't mind the wait.
tia's ootd

The good thing about The Little Owl is that it is in a very cute area. It's scenic, quiet, and the streets have barely any cars--just pedestrians. This is where a lot of very wealthy people live, so there is a quiet charming ambience that whispers, "The lack of people around makes the area seem quainter, but really the rich and famous are relaxing inside or are in their summer homes abroad while tourists skip through the neighborhood." Not gonna lie, I like it.
the little owl from the outside
As you can see, the prices are pretty high given the amount of food you'll end up getting, but the food is decidedly beautiful and tasty--and the atmosphere is wonderful--so I find the prices utterly excusable. Basically: it's not cheap, but it's worth it. In fact, I'm so fond of the place that I think this is one review that will be better suited with pictures than words. Enjoy!

the food we ordered, in order: winnie's, mine, thelonia's, mine

When Thelonia arrived, we feasted like kings! Actually, though, the food was so good and wonderfully served and in the perfect portions--I couldn't be more pleased. I'm not even sure where else to go from here, so let's just jump right into the rating. I give The Little Owl an A+! I would love to go there again and learn their interesting and delicious recipes... maybe when I'm making lots of money someday.

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