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TIA HERE, now with a crazy week under my belt. After days of packing, I finally moved my six boxes from the old apartment to the new one (in Ithaca) and nearly broke my arms in the process. I definitely didn't do it all alone. Victoria had her fair share of boxes as well and we would've gotten nowhere without the life-saving assistance of my friend Sarah, a wonderfully talented < 3 A Cappella member and grad student with a big car. You're amazing, Sarah!

who doesn't love nice, clean, hotel beds?!

I arrived in the city (New York City, just to be clear) on Sunday and stayed with my mom in her amazing, one-day hotel room, since my housing at FIT wouldn't start until Monday. She travels for her work, so it was convenient to have her in the city to help me move in (and bring my summer clothes from home, since obviously I have no need for them in Ithaca!). 

skylights?! in a hotel room?

Plus, who would ever say no to a hotel room with skylights? I've never seen anything like it! I felt super pampered by the next morning when I went to the FIT dorm to move in.

Besides the arm destruction that occurred (yet again) as I dragged my stuff down to my new home, this move was by far the easiest. The convenience of a dorm room is undeniable, especially when it has a private bathroom and kitchen like a studio apartment for two. I'm hoping to do a little room tour soon for those interested in FIT housing, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

my Chinatown mango lookin' beautiful

I had to make good use of a potential peeling pun. On the day of move-in, Victoria and I headed down to Chinatown to get some fruit (hence the mango) and bubble tea and walk around. Since then, I have had my training day at work (not as frightening as my preceding nightmare had me believe), seen Mad Max: Fury Road with NYC friends Thelonia and Lea, spent a day with DD's #1 Fan and study abroad friend Janabeth, and finally done real grocery shopping (I am now sandwich ready). It's hard to sit down and write about everything that's happened in the past few days because it's been just so much

Max and Furiosa

Before I peace out, I wanna give this movie the proper hat tip it deserves. Now, I'm not a fan of action movies because, somehow, I always get bored mid-fight scene. However, there was only one fight scene in this movie when I found myself zoning out a little (a record low), and it had such an amazing vibe going on with killer color, world building, and strong characters that I was totally involved in the rest of it. There were some parts I didn't quite believe (for one, the speed with which everyone came to trust each other in a world where it seemed trust was rare without indoctrination), but they were drowned out by everything else that this movie did right. I never found myself raising a disbelieving eyebrow at how the female characters behaved (they were real with unique and flourishing personalities!!!), and I didn't find myself uninterested in the male characters either (they had some real brain — and heart — to their brawn!). Actually, Nux wasn't really brawny at all, for that matter. But that's besides the point. End of story: This is an awesome action movie and worth your time (and cash), especially if you're willing to give the beautiful 3D version a go.

Anyway, in terms of DD, I'm currently working on editing some videos Victoria and I took of Cornell before leaving, so those should be popping up soon. I have a very intense plan of what I want to achieve this summer and I hope I stick to it — even if it's not easy (and it won't be). What with essentially working 6 days a week, who knows what I'll be able to get done! But if there's one thing I'm sure about, it's that I'm really going to try. Get ready — the Duo's summer in NYC has just begun!

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