Top 15 of TWENTY FIFTEEN (so far) + Playlist | a kpop roundup

VICTORIA HERE supplying you with my top Korean pop hits from the first half of 2k15! Though I do not consider myself an obsessed kpop fangirl, I do definitely stay up to date on the latest releases and there are a lot of great ones this year so far! This list is based on my own personal preferences rather than how popular each song actually was on the charts. Even so, I think kpop newbies and extreme fans alike can enjoy these songs and I encourage you to take the time out to listen! You might just find your new summer jam~

15. Taemin - Danger
SHINee's youngest member, Taemin, is all grown up in his solo debut. Danger is not too far a cry from a typical SHINee song which, of course, means it is a great pop track. Check out the MV (linked in the title) to awe at Taemin's Michael Jackson-esque dance moves (and his spectacular style)!

Another solo debut from a boy band member: Hyunseung of BEAST sheds his group's image to tackle this flirtatious club track. I love this song because it reminds of fun nights out in Hongdae while I was in Korea... (get a taste of it here, LOL)

Because who doesn't want to hear Jimin crooning "I need you girl!?" I was singing along to this song for weeks.

12. N.Flying - Awesome
I wouldn't listen to this song for the longest time because I assumed N.Flying was just another boring rookie group making a debut. BUT once I heard it, I was immediately draw into the catchy hook and the interesting dynamic of their concept as a "hiphop band."

This song opens up with a creepy sounding guy asking: "Where do you live? Do you live alone?" These are two questions you will here a lot if exploring the dating scene in Korea/going clubbing and EXID perfectly tackles those awkward moments in this song.
P.S.A: Girls, do not tell stranger boys where you live!

10. EXO - Call Me Baby
I am not an EXO fan...but I love this song. That says a lot.

This is such a bright, happy, easygoing song! Yonghwa's voice is always a pleasure to listen to and paired with YDG's almost comedic rapping makes for a great sunny day tune.

I mean the image above is self explanatory... Go watch the MV girls!

Yet another solo debut from a boy band and my absolute favorite, SHINee's Jonghyun! I was very excited for this song because Jonghyun is my fave and I consider Zion T very close to my ideal type (he's got great style, a great voice, and...I just love him). Deja Boo is very groovy and seems to reflect Jonghyun's personal flavor well which I feel has always been greatly influenced by Zion T, who he is a big fan of.

BIGBANG has finally returned and this track is fire!

After a series of solo debuts, SHINee made their comeback with View! TBH, Jonghyun was out shined by Minho in this MV for me. Minho's thighs rocked those white pants and he was into his moves (so MANLY)...

As Seulong's first release after leaving ballad group, 2AM, this song delves into his color that no one knew he possessed. It is a soft R&B track that makes me feel warm inside on rainy days. From Seulong's Instagram, it is obvious that he is close to many people in Korea's hiphop scene and that definitely reflects in his music.

The MV for Crazy seriously had me wishing I was a dancer because 4MINUTE looked so good doing it! Loved their outfits, loved their confidence, loved the song--it's so fun!

UNIQ is a rookie group that seriously surprised me this year! EOEO has a supremely catchy (aka repetitive/easy-to-follow) chorus, the choreography is hot and so are the boys. I think they are definitely one of the rookie groups to look out for in the future!

1. Boyfriend - Bounce
I have made Boyfriend first because I fell in love with them after refusing to watch their MVs for the longest time. Because of their name, I thought they were one of those cute-sy, annoying boy bands BUT NO. Bounce is powerful pop track that I can listen to a thousand times and never hate (I also recommend their song, Witch).

Now that I've given you the run down, here is the PLAYLIST!

Until next time,