Industry Expert Quincie's Must-Watch List Of TV and Film | Guest Post

QUINCIE HERE. Hi friends! I am back to do what I love best, which is discuss TV and films. Who missed me?! 

My last post on DuoDiaries was all about my summer internships working at film and TV production companies, so I thought I’d put my money where my mouth is and shout out a few things I have recently been watching and loving. My selections encompass a pretty broad range of tastes, so hopefully there is something on this list for everyone.

Onto my TV and film recommendations!

1. Underrated summer show: UnREAL (Lifetime). A sinfully fun look into the making of a Bachelor-type of reality show. Also, MANY COMPLEX FEMALE CHARACTERS!

2. Family hangout show: American Ninja Warrior (NBC). I am super late on this show, but every episode is exciting and inspirational. Great “anything is possible” show to watch with the whole family.

3. “You’ve never heard of this (but it’s great)” show: Rectify (Sundance, streaming on Netflix). It’s an amazingly powerful and well-acted show. Who knew a scene of someone going to Walmart could make you want to laugh and cry?

4. Indie film playing in theaters: Me and Earl and the Dying GirlOverall uneven at times, but the three leads give simply wonderful performances. I don’t usually cry at sad movie moments, but the tears flowed at the end of this film.

5. Indie film you might have missed: The Spectacular Now (streaming on Amazon). I absolutely love the message of this film, which is quite different from other coming-of-age films. A couple scenes literally made me shudder because I’ve never seen teenagers’ interactions depicted so true to life.

6. Summer movie that lived up to the hype: Inside Out. We’ve been spoiled this summer with some really good blockbuster films, but I’m particularly obsessed with how creative and poignant Inside Out was. You'd have to be soulless to not enjoy this one.

7. “In case you don’t want to only bawl your eyes out, let’s conclude with some comedies”: You’re the Worst (FXX), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox), Happy Endings (ABC). YTW is raunchy but also romantic, and it discusses the messy process of becoming an adult in a hilarious and surprisingly sweet way. B99 is all you can ask for in a sitcom; it’s witty, features a diverse cast, and doesn’t rely on any played-out stereotypes. Finally, Happy Endings, which I am still holding out hope will be revived someday, is so incredibly sharp, packs a thousand jokes into every episode, and has the funniest ensemble cast.

Those should be plenty of recommendations to keep you occupied for the rest of summer. Don’t forget to look up from your screen once in a while!

Bye for now,