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TIA HERE and this week I did a little interview/panel/open discussion with four of my LLC-mates, asking them all kinds of questions revolving around our apartment, the Living Learning Community we're a part of, and what it's like to live in Copenhagen through DIS in general. Meet Joey, Katya, Alanna, and Kayla (from left to right). All five of us, in addition to nine other people (and our Social and Residential Advisor) stay together in a six bedroom apartment in the center of Copenhagen. Our LLC is the "Creative Writing" LLC, meaning that we all have a similar interest in writing and hope to continue exploring that interest abroad. Here are the nine short videos covering some questions I posed that should hopefully give future DIS students a better idea of what it's like to live in Copenagen, an LLC, and/or our specific LLC. There's also an outtakes/blooper reel for those wanting a little more info and a better sense of what we're like as people. Enjoy!

First up! I ask everyone what their first impressions of the LLC and Copenhagen were, and how they may have changed since being here for a month. My first impression, unlike theirs, revolved more around the living space than the people. I couldn't believe how big the room was! Even though it was a triple, it was nothing like one of the forced triples I was used to seeing in the U.S. My roommates and I all got a corner of the huge room, and we all received a desk, chair, trashcan, table lamp, floor lamp, magnetic whiteboard (with three to four magnets), cubby, closet, power strip, and clothing drawer. The room has wood-paneled floors and three large windows that swing open to welcome in a view of the street below. Talk about a dream apartment!

In the second video, the four talk about their favorite part about living in the LLC. Honestly, what isn't to love? Living with likeminded people is the only way to live.

In the third video, everyone tries to narrow down the LLC experience to just three words. My pick? Funny, thoughtful, and genuine. See what the others had to say!

In the fourth video, we discuss what kind of house rules we live with, based on our SRA mostly. If it can be summed up in one word, it's CLEAN--and as long as we do that, we're in the clear.

In the fifth video, the four offer some insight on the things they wish they'd known before flying off to Copenhagen. It's a lot of pretty invaluable advice--so I suggest you get watching. I'm not sure if I have anything else to add! (But if I do, it'll be in a future post.)

In the sixth video, we cover the kinds of activities that we participate in as a part of the Creative Writing LLC. From festivals to activities related more to Danish culture, the LLC offers some interesting potential experiences. Although almost everything is technically optional and does not hold precedence over classes, we go to every single activity we can attend. They're fun and suit our interests well! It's also important to note that the activities are run by a Dane that is not our SRA--so basically, we do not live with our LLC Coordinator.

In the seventh video, the group gives advice to future DIS students. If you're serious about going to Copenhagen, you may find some of this info useful. 

In the eighth video, we talk about the different DIS options and rank them to decide which are the best. The Creative Writing LLC and Public Health LLC on the floor above us definitely both enjoy the best location by far, as we're on the same street as DIS and located exactly where all of the classes are. For that reason and many others, I would argue that LLCs are the best choice overall. Check out what everyone else had to say!

Finally, here is the outtakes video, filled with bloopers and a little more detail about our living space and experience so far. I hope you enjoyed watching! Hopefully it will help you future DIS students get a good idea of what housing to go for.

For more, check out Tia's new blog!

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