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TIA HERE with a rave review of my new favorite place to get food in the entire world. There is a Korean bakery called The Paris Baguette (Confusing right? Is it Paris or Korea?) that you can find in Koreatown (near the Empire State Building). It is, by far, my favorite place. Have I said that yet? I'll say it again. It's the best. Starving and with Winnie, as always, we stopped at The Paris Baguette virtually at random and were entranced by the selection. The baked goods were all expertly crafted to look as beautiful and delicate as can be—and they tasted amazing. There were so many mysterious food items that I wanted to try, but (during my first visit) I settled for a brie and turkey croissant sandwich, a long bread-like pastry with chocolate chips, a very soft, strawberry-flavored cake of some kind, and a bubble tea. That was the meal that converted me to the church of Paris Baguette.

my first meal at the paris baguette
This place hits the formula of aesthetically pleasing + friendly service + decent prices + delicious food perfectly. I'm pretty sure I could buy anything from there and fall in love with it. The atmosphere is cheery and bright, the food is unique without sacrificing flavor, and the prices don't make me want to collapse. I'm not even sure what else to say. If you haven't tried The Paris Baguette yet, stop torturing yourself! Go grab an amazing pastry and bubble tea, or a cold croissant sandwich, because nothing I say will ever live up to the deliciousness that is The Paris Baguette. Perhaps I should be weary of overhyping it. While I love everything about the place, I would have to say that the reason it strikes me as so fantastic has more to do with the fact that it is very well-rounded, with every aspect of it above average, rather than if the food was god-like incredible. The food is amazing--don't get me wrong, but the reason I'm so enchanted by the place is definitely due to its all-around excellency. So if you visit, don't just keep the food in mind--enjoy the atmosphere, service, and prices. It's the whole shebang that makes The Paris Baguette an A+.

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