Grabbing Brunch at Lafayette

the front door of lafayette
TIA HERE with some photos from when I first came to NYC and got brunch at a restaurant called Lafayette (obviously located on Lafayette St.) with my dad. The place is alright--beautiful aesthetic with beautiful people in sunglasses at every table, but slightly overpriced. It's definitely a restaurant to go to if you're looking for a fancy brunch with your cool, well-dressed friends with money. The waiters rock adorable suspenders and look just as classy as the people eating. I don't have a strong enough opinion of the place to offer a review, but I thought I would still throw up some photos I took of the place. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

The place was very clean and lovely. The water came in wine bottles with metal handles and we sat outside in the sun, beneath wide umbrellas. Beside us, people dressed in classic white and gold with huge black sunglasses curved up, cat-style. It made me feel pretty cool--I won't lie.

my dad's order of pancakes
As always, I went for salty while my dad went for sweet. He ordered some extravagant pancakes, and I think he made the right choice as I wasn't particularly impressed with my meal. Maybe my standards when it comes to eggs are just way too high!

my order of eggs and salad
Speaking of my meal, here it is (above and below) in all its glory. I always feel like these omelette-type platters could use more cheese, but maybe it's salt that I'm really craving. I do like how they almost always come with a little salad, which varies up the flavor and texture well.

halfway through the meal
Or maybe my "shrug" attitude toward the eggs I ordered had more to do with the peas inside. Peas are my enemy! Still, Lafayette is a lovely restaurant for lovely people who aren't afraid of a little splurge. But go for the pancakes--I think you'll have better luck with those.

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