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VICTORIA HERE to show you how to perfectly enjoy a solo day on your own in NYC. If you're anything like me, you get super anxious when you spend everyday indoors sulking over the fact you have no friends in the huge and busy city you've suddenly found yourself in... Well, maybe not that particular. BUT, I'm sure everyone gets the feeling sometimes that they have to get out every once in a while to feel sane! Over the summer, I only worked four days a week at my internship so I had Fridays completely to myself. I was determined to spend each and every one of those Fridays doing something new to familiarize myself with the city and to become more used to spending quality time alone. I spent my first adventure on a mission to find Central Park.

It was a beautiful day and a lot less humid than it had been during the rest of the week. With that in mind, I skipped taking the Metro and decided to walk the 40 or so blocks to The Plaza from my place on 31st. It was so uplifting to walk and navigate the city streets by myself. I finally felt like I had a grasp on the grid system that was confusing me for the past couple weeks! The walk out of Chelsea and into Times Square and up into the Central Park area was full of sights I had yet to see during my stay. The city is literally overflowing with scents (mostly bad), people, and spectacular views that got my Instagram game on point during my time there! 

Once I got to The Plaza, I went downstairs straight to Luke's Lobster in the food court. I had seen these works of art on Instagram and I knew that a lobster roll was exactly what I needed to replenish myself after that long walk.

After grabbing my lobster roll to-go, I ventured into Central Park to find an adequate picnic spot. Central Park is a lot bigger than I had ever imagined. I'm pretty sure I walked past an amusement park in there--what?? I walked further and further into the park hoping I wasn't getting lost until I found a nice spot under a tree. Finally, I could sit down! After sinking my teeth into the heaven that was my lobster roll, I took out my latest Murakami read that completely made me forget that I was sitting in a park on a sunny day. After Dark just transports you. 10 out of 10 do recommend. We reviewed it here!

After reading for about an hour, I packed up and got ready to take on the 40 blocks back home. This definitely had to be one of my most relaxing days in the city.

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