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me with my orange(ish) hair and thelonia
TIA HERE with a different kind of post. As you may know (and may know more about fairly soon!), I've been on a bit of a hair journey, finally getting an opportunity to play with my hair like most people do in middle/high school. But let's be real: I'm no expert when it comes to what is healthiest for my hair. I definitely thought rinsing with cold water increased shine. At least I know not to shampoo daily!

In the spirit of my recent research into hair health, I bring you this—a gift from Madison Reed! Here are some do's and don't's of hair care that I totally knew... and some that I definitely knew nothing about. In my next post, I hope to be taking you along with me on a hair dying disappointment trail. But until then, educate yourself:

So did you find out anything you've been doing disastrously, while convinced you were doing the right thing? Because I... didn't... at all...

I hope you guys had an awesome holiday/winter break! We'll be back with regular posts soon. This semester is going to be crazy with classes and job applications and, well, jobs (at least two of them to be exact!). I'll be keeping you in the loop on the craziness that I'm sure life will continue to throw at me, and I hope you'll stick around for the ride.

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