Gay Pride Celebration in Copenhagen | A Story in Pictures

rainbow pixelated heart
TIA HERE with photos from the end of August (wow talk about a late post!). During this time, it was Copenhagen's Pride Week, complete with a parade, musical performances, and more. While I ultimately missed the parademake sure you go at the right time of day if you want to be a part of itI still managed to get some pictures of neat and relevant things around the main square in the inner city. Enjoy!

the copenhagen pride week schedule
Because of being busy with class, the parade was the only thing I knew I would be able to make time for, even though I ironically ended up missing it. Overall, the event (although I was only present for the set-up) seemed much smaller in scale than what I was expecting. I wonder if the U.S. just goes more all-out with these things? Still, it was nice to see Copenhagen putting in an effort, especially because there are only a few gay bars in the whole city and, apparently, only one lesbian bar. Hmm.

even the ever-popular 7-Eleven participated

gay pride and trans pride flags

a nice sign spotted at the plaza where the parade ends

prepping for the concert

Tivoli hoisting rainbow flags

so many flags and tables
And now I'm off to Ireland and Northern Ireland for my long study tour (with my core course: Cross-Cultural Communication). It's especially hard to write posts right before traveling or right after, but, in an attempt to keep up with my consistently weekly posts I must carry on. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and continue to enjoy the posts to come!
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