Amager Strandpark | Trip to the Beach

TIA HERE sporting photos and video from my trip to Amager Strand (name of the metro stop), where you can find the nearest beach around Copenhagen. Per usual, I feel as if the video and photos speak more to the experience than I ever could, simply because beaches are much the same everywhere and the only difference between a Copenhagen beach and a Florida beach is the holistic feeling you get from being there. Nonetheless, I'll try my best to capture it.

the beach and clouds
There is something surreal about going to the beach when the breeze is hard and cold, but the sun is striking. The water at our feet was both icy and familiar with its gentle whoosh against the dunes, but the distinct feeling of "differentness" was palpable in the air. Maybe it was because I had just bought ice cream with Danish kroner, or because of the wind turbines in the distance. This beach was like no Florida beach I had known, mostly in the way that it did not feel endless. I felt as if I could swim across it to Sweden with ease (an unreal expectation, of course), while the stretch of Atlantic between the east coast of Florida and Europe felt utterly expansive. Interesting.

some houses along the road
We weren't immediately at the beach after getting off the metro, but had to walk through a cute little suburban area. There were bike lanes as always and roads, but it was much quieter than the already quiet city of Copenhagen. It struck me as a good place to go to relax and think.

the walkway
After passing an area that reminded me a bit of a marsh or river, full of brackish water, we reached the actual beach, in all its sandy splendor. There were jellyfish in the water, but it was a little too cold for swimming anyway.

a house by the metro stop
tia with ice cream
If you're looking to visit Copenhagen or go abroad with DIS, definitely look into a trip to the beach. It'll be lovely in the warmer months--I promise!

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