Tivoli | A Rainy Copenhagen Adventure

one of the entrances/exits to Tivoli
TIA HERE with some sweet pics of Copenhagen's famous theme park "Tivoli Gardens," which, believe it or not, is the second oldest amusement park in the world (and Denmark). What's study abroad in Copenhagen without a little visit?

a mural outside of Tivoli
Because it was a rainy evening, I didn't think it was very likely that I would be riding any rides, so I bought a pass to enter. At some point, I plan to return and buy a pass to ride all of the rides! I'm thinking sometime this month would be the best, as Halloween-themed Tivoli is now in full swing.

some of Tivoli's amazing lights
The lights in the park were so charming. While it's not as big as Disney World, of course, it feels surprisingly expansive inside despite the small space it takes up in the city. There are carnival games, roller coasters, fountains, stages for performances, restaurants, and more. It has a bit of everything, all in one sparkling, colorful park.

inside Tivoli
Kids ran about, this way and that with endless enthusiasm, while parents and grandparents wandered more slowly behind. Even though it is a big tourist attraction here in Copenhagen, the majority of the people there were blonde Danish families (as you can probably tell from these pictures).

a dessert place in Tivoli
As it started to rain harder, me and my group were forced to hurry up and decide on a place to eat (and hide from the rain). And thus did the bad service experience begin! See here for more deets on that story.

Bodega's menu
Our intent with going to Bodega was just to get a light dinner and try some drinks. Unfortunately, the waiter had no patience for the group of us debating over what to get, despite the severe lack of people in the entire restaurant, and he left us alone with our menus for an inordinate amount of time, before we were forced to wave him over. Then, as we were ordering, one of us asked for a recommendation and he essentially told us we were wasting his time. That's cool.

a piña colada at Bodega
In relatively good time, we all got our drinks and food and everything seemed to be going fine.

the cheese plate at Bodega
That is, until the end, when the waiter didn't give us our change and laughed at us for asking. (Eventually, two of us went over to him to get it back, and they said he threw the coins on the table at them. Talk about bad service! We were not rowdy customers.) The food itself wasn't bad, although it did come in small, overpriced portions. For comparison, food at Disney is so good you forget the prices, and service is impeccable! Tivoli is no Disney, and while that sounds like it might be a good thing, it's more bad than good. Service and food are just as important in a amusement park as the rides and games.

paths at night
a dessert place in Tivoli
some slushie machines
Medina's stage setup before the show
While we were in Tivoli, there happened to be a Medina concert. It was all in Danish, of course, but it was still cool to see a popular Danish performer in the country of Denmark, even if we couldn't understand her!

the Medina concert
can you spot Medina?
talk about crazy lights!
a bit far from the front
the stage
The verdict? If there is one: going to Tivoli means taking advantage of the rides (which I didn't do this time, but have done in the past), being aware of potentially terrible service and maybe eating beforehand and after you leave, and enjoying any events or shows they hold.
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