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TIA HERE with a short visual tour of my living quarters for the past four months. When I first heard I was going to be in a triple, I imagined a cramped space with beds practically piled on top of one another. I could not have been more wrong! My triple with roommates Kayla and Robin was enormous with wood paneled floors and large, beautiful windows facing Vestergade. Being in the apartment above DIS offices gave us excellent wifi privileges and easy access to classes (a two minute walk, tops). I could not have gotten a better room in the entirety of DIS. Even my roommates and housemates were a perfect match!

my room, the first week (featuring Robin) 
my room, the last day, cleaned out and packed up

For you future DIS students, don't worry about bringing too many things! Here is an approximate list of all the things DIS provided me upon arrival (this may not be the same for every living situation, but was true for me in the Creative Writing LLC in Vestergade 8, floor 2):
  • Sheets, duvet, and duvet cover (also keep in mind that Danes do not put a layer of sheet between them and the comforter, but with a washable duvet cover, it's really not necessary)
  • Pillow and pillow cover
  • One bed, of course
  • Two towels, one large and one smaller (I used the smaller one for the floor to keep it dry, but it could also be used on your hair)
  • White board with four magnets (no whiteboard markers, however)
  • Two cubbies
  • One desk
  • One desk chair
  • One trash can (no bags)
  • Two lamps, one table and one floor
  • One power strip (make sure you bring Euro converters/plugs)
  • One closet (two cubbies above general closet space)
  • Hangers
  • One drawer that slides under the bed
  • One memory foam-like pad on bed

Vestergade 8 from the courtyard (requires buzz-in with ID to access)

Vestergade 8 courtyard

DIS really treats you well when it comes to housing, and I am so glad they did. The quality of my living experience definitely made it easy to adapt and enjoy my time in Denmark. There was no stress, no discomfort, or anything like that. It felt like a home, and for that I am grateful.

my room decor on the whiteboard (one magnet missing but later returned!)

my corner of the room

I definitely spent four of the best months of my life in this room, listening to Kayla play guitar, laughing with the always hilarious Robin, watching movies with friends, and trying to ignore the drunken yells of people on the street with my ear plugs shoved into my ears. I'll miss the place so much, and I'll never forget it.

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