FIT Dorms Room Tour | Kaufman Hall

TIA HERE with a post for anyone looking to live in NYC briefly (like for the summer). There are a lot of different options with a lot of different prices, but I thought I would just talk about the living situation I'm currently in and post some pictures.

So for those of you who don't know, I'm staying at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) dorms, specifically Kaufman Hall. I'm in a double with Victoria, which includes a kitchenette and private bathroom, with two beds in a studio-style room. Without further ado, here are the pictures of what it looks like:

The first thing you see is the kitchen. There's no microwave (which sucks), but it's got a large fridge/freezer and an oven/stove. So life is pretty good.

Then you get to where the beds are. Mine is the first one with the desk shoved in the corner (I can barely pull the chair out, but hey, I picked this side and I like it!) and Victoria's is the second one, which is a bit more lofted to put her dressers underneath (mine are stacked in a place not visible from here).

Here are the closets (mine on the left and Victoria's on the right) and my two dressers, stacked to the far left. It's more room than I need, although I wish I had brought a few more hangers in retrospect.

And finally, our private bathroom! Nothing too glamorous, but the water gets hot and the pressure is strong, so I'm not complaining.

Hope this photo tour of our room gives you a good idea of what FIT's dorm room housing for the summer (or just normal school year) looks like!

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