Admiring NYC's First "Flying" Tiger | A Day With Janabeth

nothing is more Danish than candles, right?

TIA HERE and excited to announce that I've finally gone to the (first ever?!) American Tiger store with my DIS abroad friend, Janabeth! (Okay... I've actually already been there twice, but it's because I freaking love that store.) For those who don't know, Tiger is a Danish store that has been spreading across Europe — and now the U.S. — and is nothing short of totally awesome. It offers cheap, cute, unique home goods items, and has wonderful original designs. In Denmark it is known as Tiger, but here in the U.S. (NYC specifically), it is Flying Tiger Copenhagen. That said, I'm just going to be calling it Tiger, because there is no need for this already amazing store to have wings too.

here's a sample of some of the things you can buy

So, what kind of stuff can you find at American Tiger? Almost the exact same things you can find in Danish Tiger! The only difference seems to be that this store is much smaller (so far) and hence lacks the Danish food section and some of their weirder, less useful items (I will never forget you, clock that shoots out a helicopter when the alarm goes off). Still, there are dozens of things to buy, from trash bins to socks to phone cases to hats to bicycle seat covers to coloring books. And all for completely reasonable prices! Seriously, why would you shop anywhere but Tiger?

the Empire State Building, Flatiron Building, and Times Square

Besides drooling over Tiger, Janabeth and I headed through some touristy areas as well (see above). We stopped by Eataly (although she ultimately got a waffle at the Belgian waffle truck outside) and walked an impressive distance up and down the city.

the Union Square Greenmarket

One of the many places we found ourselves wandering through was Union Square, where there was a colorful and flourishing farmers market in full swing. This was not my first time there, but it was nice to stop by again and admire all the flowers, fruit, and cheeses (CHEESES!) that were up for sale. Although a lot of it was definitely out of my budget for the most part, trying samples of duck salami and ogling at all things organic made for a fun time.

Janabeth and I at the top of the red steps on Times Square

At the end of the day, it was awesome to see Janabeth again and hang out with her for the morning! Visiting Tiger with her made me feel like I was right back in Copenhagen, and everything would have been perfect if it were not for the absent third member of our Dream Team: Quincie! We (mournfully) made do without her, and enjoyed the hot morning as best we could. I'm sure we'll all soon be at a Taylor Swift concert together, and everything will be right in the universe, but until then...

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