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TIA HERE with our very first post! This will be a little intro-of-sorts about us (the authors and creators). Check out the video above for the basics, and read below for more!

Who are you?
T: Hi! I'm Tia. I love to write, vlog, and make videos. I'm going to be writing posts and doing all of the video editing for DD.
V: Hello, I'm Victoria! I'm obsessed with clothing and self-expression through art/visuals hence my primary interests lie in fashion media and magazines. I will also be writing posts for Duo Diaries and doing everything related to our creative direction such as editing photos and keeping the blog looking fresh. Read more about us on the About page!

How do you two know each other?
T: We're both Cornell students! We also coincidentally have the same major (English) and share one minor (communication). In the spring of 2015, we'll also be roommates for the first time--so expect videos and posts of us together then!
V: She forgot to say we are BFFs though. We have know each other since our Freshman year at Cornell I think! We are two very different people but we balance each other out, look forward to our contrasting voices and perspectives on the blog.

Where do you live and where have you lived before, and how much have you traveled in the past?
T: I've lived in Florida my entire life besides when I lived in Ireland (Castleconnell) for six months and when I went off to college in Ithaca, NY. When I lived in Europe, I also traveled around a lot, so I've been to a lot of European countries like Germany, Belgium, England, Italy, etc. I've also traveled around Asia a bit as I am Asian and have family in China. Although I've never been anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, I've been to around 24 countries total. I would not say I get much culture shock, if any, because I never go to a new place with expectations of how it might be. People around the world are more similar than they are different, and continents/borders don't change things enough for me to feel the labels mean anything. My goal is always to live not as a tourist, but as a local--to immerse myself with strangers speaking different languages and still be able to swim my way to the surface.
V: I am currently living in Seoul! To be particular, I am staying in the lively and youthful area of Hongdae right now in a guesthouse until I move to my dorm at Yonsei University (in Sinchon) on the 18th. I am from Southern California and was born and raised in Long Beach. However, I went to high school in Oceanside which is closer to San Diego. Before attending Cornell I had never left California! I decided it would be heavenly to go to a school on the East coast where I could experience snow... hehe I'm over that fantasy now. Coming to Korea is my first time traveling and I hope I will be able to travel much more in the future because I am absolutely loving this experience!

Where are you going abroad for this blog and why did you choose to go there?
T: I'm going abroad to Copenhagen, Denmark, and I chose it because I've been there before and always wanted to go back. I told my mom when we went there that I wanted to live there some day! The feeling hasn't changed and now the dream is coming true. I think Denmark is great because it's so clean and bright, with a subtle mix of old and new architecture and ways of life. Technically, the funny story behind me going abroad to Copenhagen began when I found out I got into Cornell and knew I would be attending. I looked up the study abroad programs, because I knew I wanted to study abroad for sure, and searched the programs with the key word "communication," since I was hoping to study relevant topics when overseas. The only thing that came up was DIS, the Denmark study abroad program that I'm now a part of! It seemed like fate at the time (although apparently Cornell will help students go to any country they want to study anything they want regardless).
V: I'm currently abroad in Seoul, South Korea. I chose to come here because Korea has been the focus of much of my interest for more than a year now. I first came to know of Korea through music and television dramas but my interest began expanding to the country's culture. When I realized I could come here to study abroad, I decided I couldn't past up the opportunity to experience the culture for myself and develop a better idea of what I only knew through reading other blogs. While applying to Cornell, I was completely in love with anything that had to do with England and British rock music. I wrote various essays stating one of my primary reasons for wanting acceptance was because I wanted the opportunity to participate in an abroad experience to England where I would be surrounded by the roots of my desired English major. I still would love to travel to England but for now I think Korea was the right choice for me. It's quite funny that I am now in Korea where hilarious Kongrish reigns supreme. Perhaps I'll make a post with all of the crazy signs here with terrible English errors!

What are you planning on writing about for this blog?
T: I'm going to be creating an extensive diary of sorts about my travels, starting with my summer spent interning in New York City. I'm going to write about my experience personally, and also talk about cool places I went, things I bought, and things I ate! I'm hoping readers will come for my student perspective on working in NYC and studying in Denmark, but stay for me! Once we finish our travels in December, this blog will become more of a fun personal blog about being a Cornell student. Hopefully you'll still want to stick around then! I think those posts may end up being the most fun.
V: I will aim to write about topics concerning my life and experiences at Yonsei University as well as various other things that I feel should be shared with readers ranging from good eats to hot spots I find in Seoul. I know many readers who have come to our blog for the Korea side of it may be interested in Kpop so I will try to incorporate as much as I can about Korean culture whether it be about meeting celebrities or going to music shows!

Now for the fun questions! Who is your favorite musician, or what is your favorite band?
T: I will always have a special place in my heart for Lana Del Rey, although Sky Ferreira takes a close second. I love female singers!
V: Wahhh I have so many faves. Right now, I will say my favorite musician is Toro Y Moi. Also, I like most kpop and Orange Caramel's "Copycat" will not leave my head haha

If you had to pick one word to describe yourself, what would it be? What word would you use to describe the other person?
T: Hmmm... I think for me I would have to say determined. Because when I set my mind to something, I become completely locked in. The problem is that I'm also a perfectionist, so every tiny flaw or misstep has to be fixed before I'm ever satisfied! As for Victoria, I'd say "decisive," as she is always very confident with sure opinions and desires. She can glance at an outfit and know immediately if she likes it or dislikes it--and she will always know why. When I look at something and have no idea what I think of it, I know I can ask Victoria for her opinion and she will have one!
V: Myself? Perhaps selective. I am very selective about things to the point it may be annoying to others but I feel like I have to be picky or I will never get what I want! I'm quite shy so, when I do talk, I want people to know exactly what kind of person I am. I choose my words, decisions and actions very precisely. And for Tia, focused! She is always on top of everything and plans literally years into the future. She handles everything in the most professional manner and it is definitely not enough to just call her a perfectionist. She motivates me to be a better student and individual! 

If you could do anything for a living, what would your dream job be?
T: I think my dream job would be as an author--or a writer on a TV show. I want a job where I have a lot of control, but can also collaborate with others. I would love to work on a movie set or in publishing--that would be incredible!
V: My dream job would be involved in magazines or publishing. Something that allows me to be creative but is very busy and involves traveling and fashion. However, journalism is not so much in my interests as much as pr and marketing careers these days.

Where would you travel to if you could go anywhere in the world?
T: I've seen a lot of the world already, but I think it would be cool to go to New Zealand or Nigeria or somewhere in South America. However, right now, I think the place I'd like to go the most would be a lonely tropical island where I could stick my feet in the sand and relax to the sound of the ocean.
V: I have a list in my phone that I continuously add to of my "Dream Vacation Spots." Write now my top 3 are Macau, Maldives, and I think Hong Kong or Thailand. 

What do you think makes Duo Diaries stand out amongst other blogs?
T: DD is very multimedia-active. It has videos, posts, photos--and I'm hoping it will soon have a very personal feel with vlogs and life updates. It's also got a clean, simple design, and is run by two ambitious college students! I'm hoping it will be able to connect well with high school and college students as well as travelers and general watchers of vlogs/readers of blogs. I'm really excited to get started on DD and begin to interact with the internet community in an honest and fun way!
Much love, T.
V: We are cute! haha
Until next time, V.

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